"Am I suggesting that people who want to engineer their children’s sexual orientations are unfit to be parents? Yes, I am."

There is now a steroid pregnant women can take to reduce the chances their baby will be homosexual.

Alice Dreger is not OK with that.

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Happy Earth Day!

Now, go visit a National Park. It’s good for you.

Remember the first national park you ever visited, or the last national monument you toured; return to the photographs of your family at the edge of the Grand Canyon, the bison by the side of the road at Yosemite, the blurred scenery of the Blue Ridge Parkway from the car window, the Manhattan skyline from Liberty Island when you visited the Statue of Liberty.

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And this, kids, is why you should always check the axes when you look at a graph.

Do you see why the graph on the left is incredibly misleading?

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Arctic ice is melting, and it’s revealing a brand-new environment that needs protecting.

Too bad it will soon be ripe for exploitation.

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Just say ‘no’ to the gender police.

Eddie Izzard did.

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"Toy hand axes, rock bashing, and special burials indicate that Neanderthals were cooler parents than previously thought."
"Once derided as being like a plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom is undergoing a transformation."

In most places, employers can still discriminate against employees based on their weight—and research shows that they often do. So how exactly did we get here?

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"Our findings suggest that—on a daily basis—hundreds of millions of people engage in an activity that they consider (not very) meaningful."

You might think Facebook improve your life, but it actually is a huge bummer.

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