Arctic ice is melting, and it’s revealing a brand-new environment that needs protecting.

Too bad it will soon be ripe for exploitation.

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Just say ‘no’ to the gender police.

Eddie Izzard did.

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(Source: Pacific Standard)

"Toy hand axes, rock bashing, and special burials indicate that Neanderthals were cooler parents than previously thought."
"Once derided as being like a plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom is undergoing a transformation."

In most places, employers can still discriminate against employees based on their weight—and research shows that they often do. So how exactly did we get here?

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"Our findings suggest that—on a daily basis—hundreds of millions of people engage in an activity that they consider (not very) meaningful."

You might think Facebook improve your life, but it actually is a huge bummer.

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Hint: If you consume any seafood, the answer is yes.

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"I also have a dream that some day men will think, agonize, write, read, and talk about the work-life balance as much as we women do. But I’m not going to struggle to live their vision of “success” while I wait for them to try and understand mine."

Sheryl Sandberg wants women to Lean In. But Alice Dreger, who worked hard to build career, says she intentionally leans out, regularly. And she’s totally happy with the results.

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Here are the most popular heavier-but-still-cheap beers across our great nation, based on geo-located tweets.

More wonderful beer maps (and beer-expert analysis) here.

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